Conquer Fear, Heal, Detoxify


Cancer thrives on apprehension and fear. Learn new coping skills to confront cancer with a more effective mindset.

Discover the benefits of wheatgrass, sprouts, and the enzymes in whole foods to reduce the inflammation associated with cancer.

Explore ways to maximize your healing after surgery and chemotherapy.  Infrared and electro-magnetic therapeutic devices will enhance your healing.

Confronting Cancer Program


Shared Room: $ 2,989.00

Private Room: $ 3,489.00

Full 7-Day program,  includes:

– Three 1-on-1 health consults

– Powerful daily “Confronting Cancer” lecture series

– Fresh wheatgrass, green juice, sunflower & pea sprouts grown in our onsite greenhouse.

– Two plated raw vegan meals daily

– One 60-minute lymph massage

– Three ionic foot bath detoxification sessions

– Three binaural frequency brain relaxation sessions

– Far Infrared Saunas, TDP Lamps, Rife Machine, & Amethyst BioMat

About the course leader, Dr. Aziz:

Dr. Aziz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley and his Medical Degree at St. George’s University. He trained in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine prior to a cancer research and teaching career. He now works as an Integrative Health Consultant helping people to face cancer without fear. Dr. Aziz has also served as a guest speaker at Hippocrates Health Institute.

Read more about Dr. Aziz on our staff page:

Dr. Aziz Bio

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RESERVATIONS: (517) 278-6260

DR. AZIZ: (248) 906-5180