Dr. Tarman Aziz, Director of Wellness Education

Dr. Aziz has been a science professor for the past 18 years.  After undergraduate training in Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, he went on to study medicine, earning his M.D. in 1998 and then training in the fields of both Psychiatry (SUNY Brooklyn) and Internal Medicine (University...

Reenie Brewer

Reenie Brewer, Senior Consultant

Reenie, previous General Manager of Hippocrates Health Institute, now acts our current Senior Consultant.  She graciously shares her experience\ insight of many years working in the wellness industry and. Reenie is also the host of her own talk show, “Reenies Heart to Heart”.  Airing three mornings a week.  Debuting in 2012, the show...

Susan Reed

Susan Reed, Colon Therapist

Susan graduated from Dr. Wood’s Gravity Flow Colon Therapy School in 1991. She is the daughter of CHI’s founder Don Haughey.

Cheryl Wohlgamuth

Cheryl Wohlgamuth, Massage Therapist

Beyond serving as our on-site massage therapist,  Cheryl has also contributed to the program’s operations in numerous ways over the past 30 years. She has lived a raw food lifestyle for over 30 years, following Ann Wigmore’s protocols.

Paula DeJongh

Paula DeJongh, Yoga Instructor

Paula has completed two yoga certifications; YogaFit and Holy Yoga. She is the owner of All Things Serenity, LLC, a yoga event rental space in a studio in  downtown Union City, MI, and a chalet rental in the Kentucky Mountains.

Brian McCrudden

Brian McCrudden, Owner

Since 1998, Brian has been a leader in the wellness industry, bringing fine quality juicers and wheatgrass to consumers and helping them meet their health goals. Creative Health Institute has operated under Brian’s guidance since January 2015, adding his unique vision and experience to this location’s 40 years of wellness operations. Brian...

Patricia Lavergne, Certified Raw Food Chef

Patricia has worked for CHI as our raw food chef for 8 years.  She is a mother of 2, happily married for 25 years, and grew up in the local Coldwater area.

Anna Rusinowski, Certified Health Coach, Director of Wellness

Anna Rusinowski graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing in 2005 and an MBA from Walsh College in Program Management in 2010. She had a colorful 10-year career as a civilian contract specialist working for the U.S. Army in Metro Detroit area and overseas...

Benjamin Gasbarra, Greenhouse Director

Ben Gasbarra has been working in the juice industry for over five years. A few years into his journey, he began hand cranking his own juice, striving to derive the maximum nutrients straight from the source – from whole foods and micro-greens. He quickly became interested in sourcing and growing...

Mark Kenczyk, Lecturer and Benefactor

Mark has been a frequent guest at CHI since 2010.  In his battle against cancer, he credits CHI with helping to manage the disease, extending survival, and improving quality of life.  Mark frequently lectures on the subjects of gut health and probiotics.   As a serial entrepreneur, Mark also provides business...