CHI is now closed and no longer taking reservations.

Creative Health Institute (CHI) is a Wellness Health Institute nestled in a quiet country lodge in Union City, MI. CHI is celebrating 40 years of teaching Dr. Ann Wigmore’s principles of a living food lifestyle. CHI provides a state-of-the-art program of mind and body purification, nutrition and rejuvenation.

We accomplish this with a dynamic multi-facetted approach and program.  We serve a calorie restrictive diet consisting of organic cold-pressed green juice, raw vegetables, algae, and wheatgrass.  Supplemented by easy-to-understand lectures, that walk you through the key elements of nutrition, how to cleanse your body and reclaim your mind.  CHI also offers an array of therapies, such as: walk-in infrared saunas, foot baths, health coaching, and yoga and rebounding classes.

It is your total health solution.

In 1962,  Ann Wigmore, N.M.D., founded ‘Hippocrates Health Institute’ in Boston, Massachusetts. After receiving her autobiography from a friend, a man by the name of Don Haughey (pronounced “Hoy”) decided to take a trip to Boston and try the program for himself. He was able to heal his body from several terminal illnesses, causing him to become interested in opening his own Hippocrates franchise in Union City, Michigan. Originally naming it ‘Hippocrates Mid-West,’ he continued to use this name through the late 1980’s when he was asked to remove the name ‘Hippocrates’ from his wellness center. He chose the name ‘Creative Health Institute’ instead, thus giving birth to our current operation.

CHI is now under the leadership of Brian McCrudden, with Anna Rusinowski (Director of Wellness) and Benjamin Gasbarra (Greenhouse Director) at the helm. With a science forward vision, our plan is to take the teachings of Ann Wigmore into the future and provide a pleasant and healing experience to all that enter our home.

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Ann Wigmore continued to frequent CHI throughout the years, staying as a guest but also acting as a speaker, sharing her knowledge with all guests who came through our doors. With respect for all of the amazing things she has done for the world of health, we have even named one of our rooms in her honor.

A few of her accomplishments include:

  • Bullet_Point Woman of the Decade Award (1970-1980) for “Service to the World in the Field of Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases,” presented by the Humanitarian International Association, 1980
  • Bullet_Point Cancer Victory Award, presented by Arlin J. Brown Information Center in “appreciation for saving lives,” 1979
  • Bullet_Point Citation Award from the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for “exemplary development of food self-sufficiency through the wise use of natural resources,” 1975
  • Bullet_Point Certificate of Appreciation, presented by the Atlantic Nutritional Association for “Distinguished Service to Mankind through Nutrition Education,” 1981
  • Bullet_Point Diploma of Naturopathy, Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy – London, England, 1964
  • Bullet_Point Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine, Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy – London, England, 1964