Anna Rusinowski, Certified Health Coach, Director of Wellness

Anna Rusinowski graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing in 2005 and an MBA from Walsh College in Program Management in 2010. She had a colorful 10-year career as a civilian contract specialist working for the U.S. Army in Metro Detroit area and overseas in Germany (2010-2014). Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer while working overseas in October of 2014.  After attending Hippocrates Health Institutes (HHI) 3-week program which included the world renowned Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP), she began to see the benefits of a holistic approach to treating her own cancer and became an advocate for using more natural approaches to healing from cancer.  She also met her now boyfriend Dr. Tarman Aziz, a Holistic MD, who has aided her success and launched them as a holistic power couple in the Metro Detroit area as they do various speaking arrangements and own a health coaching company.

Anna’s passion for healing naturally of cancer like her mentor Dr. Ann Wigmore with using raw foods, juicing, wheatgrass, detox and emotional healing protocols ignited her passion to be of service to others facing chronic diseases. She was accepted into Duke Integrative Medicine’s Health Coaching Program, which is the #1 accredited Professional Health Coaching Program in the United States and graduated as a Certified Health Coach in July of 2015. She has been health coaching clients, specializing in clients diagnosed with cancer.

Anna is humbled to have the opportunity to become our Director of Wellness where she hopes to offer her personal experience with reversing an illness and her heart to each and every guest who takes that first step to bettering their health!