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Creative Health Institute (CHI) is a Wellness Health Institute and Natural Holistic Wellness Lodge nestled in a quiet country lodge in Union City, MI. CHI provides a state-of-the-art program of mind and body purification, nutrition and rejuvenation.

We accomplish this with a dynamic multi-faceted approach and program.  We serve a calorie restrictive diet consisting of organic cold-pressed green juice, raw vegetables, algae, and wheatgrass.  Supplemented by easy-to-understand lectures, that walk you through the key elements of nutrition, how to cleanse your body and reclaim your mind.  CHI also offers an array of therapies, such as: walk-in infrared saunas, foot baths, health coaching, and yoga and rebounding classes.

It is your total health solution.

CHI offers 7, 14 and 21-day detox programs. CHI is located in Union City, MI

Call 517-278-6260 to book your reservation.

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